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Ryan McCausland

N E W S & U P D A T E S
U P C O M I N G  E V E N T S​

Spring 2023 (Dear Evan Hansen Tour Closing)

Hello from an unexpectedly sunny San Francisco! Dear Evan Hansen has announced a closing date of July 2nd 2023. I will be out with them until that time. We have 19 more cities before we finish up so if we're close enough, please come and say hello! I'll certainly miss playing this show every night but I am unbelievably excited to transition off the road and into something new. Looking forward to returning to New York.

Please keep supporting all the amazing artists working in live performance around the country!

Thanks so much for checking in! Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Take care of yourself and those around you!

JUL 2nd




Closing  July 2nd 2023


Here you can find and listen to our latest episode. If have any questions or things you'd like to know about or you'd like to come on and chat with us you can reach out to me or Garret or send us a message on our instagram page. Thanks for listening!

Maria Wirries "Just Keep Singing"

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Please check out Maria's awesome new album. Maria wrote and performed such beautiful music and I was lucky enough to play on a few tracks with some incredible musicians from around the country. Thank you Maria for inviting me to be a part of your album. Check it out below!

A R T I C L E S & B L O G S

My buddy Isaac Cavallaro writes a blog and was kind enough to interview me on Dirty Dancing. Check out the link to the article below!


I've been sending in setup pictures to Billy's website for the last few years! It's such and incredible library of show setups from drummers and percussionists all over the world!!

Click on the photo to the right if you'd like to learn a little more about the setup for the Dear Evan Hansen Tour!

I N S T A G R A M  F E E D
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